White Dragonfly

White Dragonflies, also known as Salt Dragonflies or simply Dragonflies, are a rare, magical species that makes its debut in the 14th Dark Parables game of 2018 called Return of the Salt Princess.

These dragonflies have glowing blue eyes, white bodies, and thin grey wings. They are normally found in giant swarms near Princess Brigid.

Originally, Princess Brigid was born with the power of her dragon-like familiar, Dracaena, but fearing the kingdom finding out that her true father was Nuada, King Henryk ordered his Royal Adviser to morph his daughter's abilities into something more benevolent. Because of the presence of salt in the Grak Kingdom, the adviser changed Brigid's familiar into dragonflies that could turn anything into salt. The kingdom saw this as a blessing, as salt was a valuable resource for them.

As Brigid grew older, she was exiled by her father. When she left her kingdom, she found she had better control of her dragonflies, likely due to the Salt Barrier put around the kingdom. When she does return, the dragonflies often run rampant and don't follow her orders. They eventually start to "snow salt" after Brigid is abducted by Nuada.

When Brigid finds out about Henryk's death, she is so shaken that she can't prevent the dragonflies from turning the Detective into salt. Luckily, Serafina and Mercy save the Detective in the nick of time.

Near the end of the game, when Brigid knows the truth, her emotional state causes her enchantment to break, revealing Dracaena as her true Daemon once again. The dragonflies are no longer under Brigid's control, and have most likely ceased to exist.

While they existed, the dragonflies could turn anything, whether it be flora or fauna, into salt. They were also capable of flight, much like normal dragonflies.