Voice Dimension

The Voice Dimension appeared in 1991 TV series called Choujin Sentai Jetman. Voice Dimension (ボイスジゲン, Boisujigen, 15): Originally a megaphone infused with Maria's Dimensional Bug, Voice Dimension feeds on women's voices, giving them deep-sounding ones in exchange, as part of Maria's plan to use the stolen voices to make Voice Dimension into a weapon of mass destruction with his Super Destructive Sound waves. Among the victims was Kyoko, with Ako going after him at the cost of her own voice and unknowingly exposing herself as a Jetman. But once the team learns that Voice Dimension targets only women, Raita pretends to be a geisha to trick the monster into feeding on his voice, losing all the voices he stole as a result. With Kyoto's support, Blue Swallow defeats Voice Dimension before he is killed by the Fire Bazooka. Though revived by his Dimensional Bug, Voice Dimension is destroyed by Jet Icarus when Blue Swallow uses the Birdonic Saber.