Time Brain

The Time Brain appeared in 1988 TV series called Choujuu Sentai Liveman. Time Brain is a Brain Beast in Choujuu Sentai Liveman. This monster was created by Doctor Obular from the contents of his Time Chaos Capsule with the ability of time travel and time manipulation, even holding a power to reverse time in a battle to lose all damage it takes (such as being dragged around at one point by Yuusuke and Colon in Live Cougar). This monster was sent to the Mesozoic for the purpose of bring dinosaurs into the present to cause city-wide destruction. After capturing a baby dinosaur, the Brain Beast loses it's capture where it goes missing for ten days, upon which it encounters a boy which it befriends. Returning the present days, this monster attempts to take Gon from the Livemen, but he ends up wounding the baby dinosaur. After the Livemen disable this monster, this monster was blasted by the Biomotion Buster before being reformed by Gash and then destroyed by the Live Robo.