Silver Stags

Silver Stags are deer-like creatures found in the tenth Dark Parables game of 2015 called Goldilocks and the Fallen Star. They are used by Queen Valla to fake a war with Olesia and, later, to hinder the Detective's investigation.

They are possibly loosely based off of the Greek goddess of the moon, Artemis', associations to these animals. As she is the goddess of the hunt, and stags are one of the animals she protects. Silver Stags appear very much like real stags, except they are made from metal and machinery. They have a silver sheen to them in order to clearly differentiate them from Golden Bears and convince Barsians that they originated in Olesia. There are three Silver Stags in all, likely to coincide with the number of Golden Bears that act as guardians of Barsia. All three are destroyed in the course of events that occur in Goldilocks and the Fallen Star.

The first Silver Stag accompanied Queen Valla on one of her hunts for pieces of the Fallen Star. When Valla encountered a young boy, she ordered the Stag to "Get rid of him!" The Stag prepared to attack, but was stopped by Princess Leda, who turned the Stag to gold with her Golden Touch. The transition fused the Stag's working parts together and caused it to split apart.

The second Silver Stag is encountered when the Fairytale Detective arrives at Lake Symhir. Again, Queen Valla (in disguise), orders her Stag to attack. The Stag leaps at the Detective, knocking her off a cliff, destroying her cart, and causing her Horse to run away. Presumably, this Stag falls off of the same cliff the Detective nearly falls from, crashing to its demise somewhere far below.

The final Silver Stag is seen briefly from atop a Barsian cliff, before it leaps to the ground below in an attempt to squash the Fairytale Detective. Fortunately, the Detective easily dodges the falling metallic deer and it crashes to the ground in the middle of the village, shattering completely. The three Silver Stags were all made by Sir Ewan Warwick, on the orders of Queen Valla. She required mechanical beasts that would appear to be sent from the neighboring Kingdom of Olesia.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Great Strength: Being made out of metal increases their strength and stamina.
  • Impervious to Harm: Their solid silver exterior makes it hard for normal weapons to harm them at all.