Mist Wolves

Mist Wolves are monsters first encountered in the 4th Dark Parables game of 2012 called The Red Riding Hood Sisters, where they are the Wolf Queen's minions. Mist Wolves are made of black mist and revert back to mist when killed. Mist Wolves are large, black wolves with a misty aura around them. Their eyes glow bright red. When destroyed, Mist Wolves dissolve into the black mist they are formed from. Mist Wolves once resided only in the Fabled Land, and were of no danger to mankind there. However, they were released into our world when King Audon IV used the Wolf Talisman to open a portal between our world and the Fabled Land. When the former Wolf King was then killed by Eldra, she unknowingly became the Wolf Queen and was given command of the mist wolves. Since Eldra lost her life in the collapse of the Fabled Land and was not directly killed by another being, mastery of the mist wolves did not pass on. Without a master, mist wolves are now presumed to be extinct.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Poisonous Claws: One scratch can render a victim completely immobile, and eventually kill them.
  • Scent Tracking: Like all wolves, mist wolves have a very adept sense of smell.
  • Strength and Speed: These wolves are much stronger and faster than any normal wolf.