Leech Woman

Leech Woman appeared in the 1989 movie called Puppet Master. She is Toulon's only female puppet, created first as a present for his wife Elsa, in her image, and later inhabited by her soul after she was killed by the Nazis. Elsa was Toulon's main reason for using his puppets for revenge against the Nazis; When Andre came across jars full of leeches he was inspired to get this revenge.

After reanimating Elsa in her doll and seeing what pain and shock she was in, Toulon pushed a leech into her mouth, transforming her into the seductive hag-like puppet she is usually seen as (Whether this is the fault of the leech, or whether this is what Elsa truly was like on the inside is unknown).

As a puppet, Leech Woman is usually calm and only attacks targets that are already helpless, many times not fighting at all.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Leech Woman can vomit poisonous leeches from her mouth. These leeches seem to be either more powerful than normal leeches, they're simply magic or poisonous, as they can kill humans and they die once they've killed them, similar to a Face Hugger.