Icarus appeared in season 1 of 2009 TV series called Huntik: Secrets & Seekers. Icarus are humanoid Krono-Titans who possess bird-like wings instead of arms. Icarus Titans are commonly used by Casterwill family members alongside Feyone, and one appears in the arsenal of Sophie Casterwill. The mythical Greek inventor Daedalus named his son, Icarus, after this flying Titan. Daedalus created artificial wings out of feathers and wax, which he and his son used to escape from the evil King Minos.

A large number of Icarus Titans are under the control of the Casterwill family, and had been assimilated by Legion. Icarus Titans were also some of the favored defenders of the Fortress of Iron Will, a Casterwill meeting place.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Icarus is able to fire lightning bolts from his wings, and his spear also can generate blue energy spheres as well. He can shoot laser rays from his eyes. His wings also allow him flight and he is one of the fastest flying titans. Icarus is also able to hold the weight of a human to temporarily allow them flight, even while being silent, making him a deadly foe. Icarus's stats are low, but he is a sharpshooter and has fantastic abilities at long range. His considerable accuracy means he can thread a needle with ease.

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