Gore Brain

The Gore Brain appeared in 1988 TV series called Choujuu Sentai Liveman. Gore Brain is a Brain Beast in Choujuu Sentai Liveman. A monster created by Kemp from his own blood in order to gather children's blood using its tendril-like blood suckers and use it to create β ZO Negative blood-type (Kemp's blood-type whom is in fact very rare) to powerup his Beauty Beast form. After absorbing some of Mai's blood this monster stopped attacking until Kemp take it away with him. Eventually, Kemp discovers Mai shares his same blood-type (Gore Zuno mistake Kemp with Mai due to the two sharing the same blood-type) so he decides not to create β ZO Negative type blood anymore and suck Mai's blood from her body instead. After being beaten by Red Falcon and blasted to bits by the Bimotion Buster, this monster was reformed by Gash and destroyed by the Live Robo through the Strong Crashdown.