Gold Scarabese

The Gold Scarabese appeared in 2009 TV series called Huntik: Secrets & Seekers. The Gold Scarabese is a Hecto-Titan closely related to the Black Scarabese. These small beetle Titans may seem harmless at first, but they are primarily used for relaying information from the field. Together with the Black Scarabese Titans, they can form the powerful Anubian. A Gold Scarabese Titan was used, alongside the Black Scarabese Titans, by Rassimov to spy on Dante Vale and his team. Later, the Gold Scarabese joined up with the four black Scarabese Titans to summon Anubian.

Rassimov summoned the Gold Scarabese to combine with the four Black Scarabese to summon Anubian. However,Cherit was able to delay them by preventing the Gold Scarabese from reaching the others. When Rassimov hit Cherit with a Raypulse, the Gold Scarabese reached the others and Anubian was invoked. When Baselaird defeated Anubian, the Scarabese crawled back to Rassimov.

The Gold Scarabese was unbonded from Rassimov by Dante's Sorrowbond power and recovered by the Huntik Foundation. Dante told Lady S. and the other Huntik Foundation operatives that the Scarabese has to kept separate from each other.

Powers and Abilities Edit

A Seeker can place the Gold Scarabese over his or her eye to see whatever the swarm of spy Black Scarabese Titans see. From there, setting up an ambush is child's play. The Gold Scarabese can also connect with four Black Scarabese Titans to help summon Anubian which results in the Gold Scarabese acting as the face of Anubian.