Frost Wolf

Frost Wolves are first and only seen in the third Dark Parables game of 2011 called Rise of the Snow Queen. It is created by the Mountain Beast to block our path forward. Frost wolves are pure white, with glowing blue magical markings on their head. They are very fierce and strong. We have only had one encounter with a Frost Wolf, outside of the royal palace in the Snowfall Kingdom. The Mountain Beast used a Frost Stone to summon the Wolf, which then guarded the palace gate. We used a magical torch to dissolve the Frost Wolf, returning it to its Frost Stone state. Frost Wolves are created using a Frost Stone and a magical incantation 'Asha Evashuma'. When dissolved by magical fire, they return to the stone form they had before being enchanted. This kind of beast is considered dormant, since no one seems to be actively making them at the moment. We only see it again in a spin-off game's mini-game, Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Great Strength
  • Sharp Fangs and Claws
  • Immunity to Cold