Forest Witch

The Forest Witch appeared in 2018 video game called Dark Parables: 15 The Match Girl's Lost Paradise. The Forest Witch is a minor character in the fifteenth Dark Parables game, The Match Girl's Lost Paradise. Her character is a mixed of the Grandmother from Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Match Girl and Frau Holle from Brothers Grimm Frau Holle. Being the good half of the former evil godmother, the Forest Witch looked like Amelia, although with such noticeable differences. The Forest Witch has long white hair and grey eyes. She wears a white dress with gold detailing and blue sleeves. On her arms are fingerless gloves. She wears a white shawl with blue roses.

The Forest Witch, as the good half of Amelia, is kind and loving. Some of her memories as Amelia and past experiences with helping Cinderellas also passes along the Forest Witch, aiding as much people she can. This could be due to Amelia's memories of being a mother, but the Forest Witch has a maternal touch towards children, rewarding a good girl while punishing bad ones as well as adopting Giselle as her granddaughter.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Longevity (formerly): The Forest Witch has this ability as long as Amelia is alive. Once Amelia redeemed herself and passes, the Forest Witch disappears.
  • Potion making: using herbs, the Forest Witch can make potions that are capable to heal people. It is equivalent to medicine.