Dracaena (Dark Parables)

Dracaena is a dragon that debut in the 14th Dark Parables game of 2018 called Return of the Salt Princess. She is Princess Brigid's daemon.

Dracaena does not seem to be based off of any sort of fairytale. Dracaena is a cute green dragon with a red jewel in the front of her frog-like face. Her wings resembles the wings of a dragonfly. The end of her tail resembles an Ivy leaf. Much like a frog, Dracaena has a long tongue. When Princess Brigid was born, she became linked with her familiar, Dracaena. However, when she was raised by King Henryk, he ordered his Royal Adviser to change the familiar into White Dragonflies to hide the truth of her real bloodline.

Powers and Abilities Edit

When Dracaena breath out, vines formed around the target, rendering them of their movements. Since Dracaena is Princess Brigid's daemon, she can sense and feel whatever Brigid feels.