The Cherufe is a lava lizard whose first appearance was in Twelve Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit which is season 1 of 2008 TV series called The Secret Saturdays. The 12 foot-tall Cherufe is said to inhabit volcanoes in Chile. Argost uses them in War of the Cryptids as soldiers. They live inside of dormant or active volcanoes, as their skin repels heat, allowing them to swim in magma. However, because they live in volcanoes, their skin is super heated and will burn you on contact. They live in groups and are territorial, they'll attack anyone that comes too close to their nest. They come above ground to shed their skin.

People living in Chile blame the Cherufe for volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. According to legend, the only way to appease the Cherufe's appetite for destruction is to feed it a human sacrifice, then the Cherufe will eat the sacrifice, and throw her head in the volcano.