Bus Dimension

The Bus Dimension appeared in 1991 TV series called Choujin Sentai Jetman. The Bus Dimension is originally a public transportation bus infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug, Bus Dimension uses his guise to take people and digest them one by one whenever in a dark place, leaving only foaming remnants of its prey. Kaori and Raita happen to be on the bus, believing that someone on the bus was killing. By the truth is after the driver, revealed to be a fugitive named Ota Kenchi, is digested. By then, the bus begins to assume its true giant form as the passengers escape. White Swan risks her life for Yellow Owl to get the others to run off before the others arrive in the Jet Machines. Forming Jet Icarus, the Jetmen battle Bus Dimension before using the Birdonic Saber to destroy it.

Bus Dimension appears in the Choujin Sentai Jetman video game as the boss of Area C.