The Amarok are tall bipedal wolf-like creatures. Their first appearance was in The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes which is season 1 of 2008 TV series called The Secret Saturdays. They are the dormant guardians of burial mounds. If the mounds are opened, the Amarok guarding the mound will awake and attack the intruders. They will also seek to return any stolen artifacts to their mound.

They exhibit a sort of sonic howl which they use to collapse the roof of their subterranean home in an attempt to prevent anyone from escaping.

Awakening an Amarok also seems to affect the intensity of the wintery weather in the world above them, another possible defense against escaping intruders. The strength of the storm appears to be proportional to the number of Amarok that are active.

It should be noted that once awakened, the only known way of returning an Amarok to its dormant state is to somehow get it back inside its mound, cover it up and replace any disturbed artifacts on top of the mound.