Alina is a Sylvan woman cursed to transform into a ferocious dragon whenever exposed to sunlight. Like many Sylvans, she is biologically immortal and has the ability to heal wounds quickly. However, this healing power is compromised once her heart is removed, after which she can be lethally wounded.

History Edit

Alina was born as a Sylvan living in the realm known as the Dark Woods, which can be accessed by a portal from Sherwood Forest. Like her mother, Alina was an outcast among Sylvans. The dragon curse started to manifest as soon as she crossed the portal and left the perpetually sunless Dark Woods behind. Once in Sherwood, she was captured by the future Sheriff of Nottingham, who kept her in check by removing her heart and forcing her to do his bidding.

Appearances Edit

  • Beyond Sherwood Forest (2009)